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Porting Authority

This Porting Authorisation Form must be completed and returned to Smart Business Systems along with a full copy of your latest telephone bill (Front page and Summary Pages only) from your current service provider.

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If your current service provider is someone other than Telstra or Optus, you may be required to obtain the providers “Wholesale Account Number” which the losing service provider is obligated to provide under the current Local Number Portability Industry Code.

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I acknowledge that I am authorised to request the porting of the telephone number(s) listed on this form.
I acknowledge that I have been advised that:

  • By porting the telephone number(s) listed on this form, any service (including DSL) associated with that there may be costs and obligations with the port which may include early termination fees and porting fees; and
  • I indemnify Smart Business Systems Pty Ltd against any loss or damage it may suffer as a result of any information included in this form being incorrect.

I authorise for the telephone number(s) listed above to be ported to Smart Business Systems.
I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions on this form and the General Terms and Conditions (which can be found here) and hereby accept them.


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